Why it's so handy

The HPS VacuHandy is the solution for many handling applications to prevent a heavy physical strain on your employees.

Various applications

Load capacities from 50 kg up to 50,000 kg, for different materials

Fast delivery

Production and delivery of standard vacuum lifters within 3 weeks

Made in the Netherlands

Own production, product development and service since 1997

HPS Techniek BV makes heavy work lighter, developing equipment to prevent physical strain.

In addition to VacuHandy vacuum lifters, we also supply lifting aids, column cranes, wall slewing cranes and special grapples.

Product Catalog

From S to XXL

VacuHandy S

VacuHandy-S is the solution for many handling applications to prevent heavy physical strain on your employees! The HPS VacuHandy-S is available from a single-suction cup version to a multi-cup version. This has a load capacity Read more…

VacuHandy M

The VacuHandy-M vacuum lifter, like the VacuHandy-S, uses compressed air as a power source. But we can also run this with a 12V DC pump on battery power, so that you are not bound to Read more…

VacuHandy L

The VacuHandy-L is the type of vacuum lifter that is suitable for lifting porous materials, such as chipboard, OSB board, plywood, gypsum board, etc. The use of a two-stage side channel fan creates a high Read more…

VacuHandy XL

The VacuHandy-XL is the best-selling vacuum lifter, for lifting sheet materials such as steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Suitable for plate thicknesses from 0.5 mm. And available in various lifting capacities from 300 kg up Read more…

VacuHandy XXL

Our VacuHandy-XXL is rightfully the toughest of our VacuHandy program. With load capacities from 1000 kg up to and including 50,000 kg, we can always offer you suitable VacuHandy. For sheet dimensions longer than 6000 Read more…

Special designs and solutions

Electric tilting vacuum lifter with 90 degree tilting range Electrically driven tilting movement Also available with 180 degree tilting range   Double spring plungers with suction cup diameters from 300 mm. As a result, the Read more…

Jib cranes

We supply our column and wall jib cranes with both an under-built and an above-built arm. Instead of a crane column, these come with a hinge bracket that you attach to a column of your Read more…