The VacuHandy-L is the type of vacuum lifter that is suitable for lifting porous materials, such as chipboard, OSB board, plywood, gypsum board, etc.

The use of a two-stage side channel fan creates a high air velocity so that sufficient vacuum can also be achieved on a porous material realized to be able to lift the material. The type of suction cup to be used is matched to the structure of the surface, so that the best possible seal is obtained.

Vacuhandy-L front

The vacuum on this VacuHandy-L is also monitored by a warning system that indicates when you can safely lift the load. If the vacuum is insufficient, the VacuHandy gives a warning signal! Thanks to the built-in backup batteries, our warning system also remains operational in the event of a power failure.

Specifications VacuHandy-L

  • Suitable for: porous materials
  • Max. Lifting capacity: 1000 kg
  • Max. load dimensions: 2000x4000mm
  • Number of suction cups: 2 – 8 pieces
  • Energy source: electric 400V / 3ph
Categories: Up to 800 kg