Vacuhandy-M bedining close-up

The VacuHandy-M vacuum lifter, like the VacuHandy-S, uses compressed air as a power source. But we can also run this with a 12V DC pump on battery power, so that you are not bound to a fixed position. The VacuHandy-M is available in various designs with 2 to 8 suction cups. It is particularly suitable for lifting thin sheet materials, due to its low weight.

The VacuHandy-M is equipped with a warning system that gives off a vacuum in time, or insufficient vacuum, a signal in time.

Specifications VacuHandy-M

  • Suitable for vacuum-tight materials
  • Max. lifting capacity: 300 kg
  • Max. load dimensions: 1500 × 3000 mm
  • Number of suction cups: 2 – 8 pieces
  • Energy source: compressed air max 5-8 bar or 12V DC batteries
Categories: Up to 700 kg