VacuHandy-S is the solution for many handling applications to prevent heavy physical strain on your employees! The HPS VacuHandy-S is available from a single-suction cup version to a multi-cup version. This has a load capacity of up to 120 kg. This is the handy lifting aid you are looking for!

    For all those products that are just too heavy to lift with 1 person, or awkward in shape. This saves you personnel costs, reduces physical strain and prevents damage to your product. This compact lifting aid is a combination of a pneumatically driven vacuum lifter and pneumatic hoist. This allows products to be lifted quickly and easily without major physical exertion. Damage to your products is also prevented. The operation of the VacuHandy-S is very simple and reliable. The lifting speed is continuously adjustable and grabs your product quickly.


    This model is equipped with a complete safety / warning system. Switching off the vacuum is only possible when the product has been deposited. If there is a vacuum loss or insufficient vacuum, a clear signal sounds and a red light signal can be seen! By applying different types of suction cups, we can easily adapt the VacuHandy-S to your product! We have already supplied VacuHandy for lifting fuel tanks, plate materials, luggage boxes, rolls of aluminum and brass foil, plastic pallet boxes, etc. Ask for a demonstration to see if our VacuHandy-S is also suitable for you!

    Categories: Up to 120 kg