Vacuhandy-XXL transport

Our VacuHandy-XXL is rightfully the toughest of our VacuHandy program. With load capacities from 1000 kg up to and including 50,000 kg, we can always offer you suitable VacuHandy.

For sheet dimensions longer than 6000 mm and for the concrete industry, the VacuHandy-XXL is widely applicable!

These vacuum lifters are always customized and are designed in close consultation with the customer! We can always offer an optimally usable vacuum lifter. Shape, dimensions and suction cup positions are determined during engineering.

All our VacuHandy-XL models are equipped with a vacuum-controlled pump and an electrical warning system that emits a sound and light signal in the event of insufficient vacuum or vacuum loss. By applying backup batteries, the warning system also remains operational in the event of a power failure.